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Yes, I know that this is a men’s grooming site, but you should know by now that there’s always a method to my madness. So let me begin with this statement- “I love grapefruits!” So much so, that it borders on an addiction, but uhh… that’s another issue entirely!

Anyway, there’s never a time when I’m doing an event that someone asks me about my personal skincare regimen. And of course, I always pull tips from the numerous topics I’ve discussed right here on TMR-  wash face (2x’s a day minimum), exfoliate (once a week min.), shave right, moisturize often, drink water… But, it wasn’t until one day when I was eating *ahem* a few grapefruit slices that I wondered if my daily intake provided any skincare benefits.

So I did a little research, and wouldn’ t you know?!?

The skin benefits of grapefruits include:

  • Improves skin’s elasticity (Vitamin C)
  • Reduces damage to the skin caused by free radicals (Antioxidant in Vitamin C)
  • Protects skin from UV damage (Lycopene)
  • Citrus limonoids – reduces cholesterol that leads to improvement in heart health and circulation, which in turn ensures that proper nutrients actually make it to the skin for improved skin health.

Sure your asking- “How many grapefruits do I need to eat to get this benefit?”

Here are the stats: One serving of grapefruit (1/2 of a medium-sized grapefruit) contains 78.1% of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin C.

So there you have it, join the club. I know I’m happy!


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