The Men's Room

Whenever I’m in the gym locker-room, it never ceases to amaze me how aggressive many men are when shaving. Many times, I see guys attacking their faces with their razors as if their beards were fighting back! And if I hang out long enough, you know what I see next?  Red splotchy faces, with toilet paper “freckles” everywhere.

You know, we all have to remember that we really don’t have to work that hard to get a clean shave. With the advancements in blades (i.e. sharpness), shaving creams, and pre-shave oils, all that’s really left to do is to apply light pressure with “short overlapping” strokes. To be honest, with proper prep (see my: Quick & Classic shaving tips), your shave should be almost effortless!

Hey, I’m not naive to the fact that most of us are “heavy handed”, but on that same note, we have to understand that we only have one face, and that face can only take so much before it looks, and feels irritated.

So the next time you catch yourself going at your face as if a war has been waged, always remember that your face will never win against the blade. So take it easy, and I promise your face will thank you for it!

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