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The dangers of Vitamin E.

Not long ago I wrote an article about what my daily vitamin regimen consisted of (See Post: The “Perfect Skin” Cocktail) . The reason I wrote it was to highlight the amazing results I felt in my body, but also the overall appearance I saw in my skin’s complexion and feel.

However, after a recent visit to my doctor, I was informed that I should discontinue the consumption of one of the supplements – Vitamin E. He shared with me that there isn’t enough evidence that shows any major benefit to taking this as a daily supplement. Not to mention, there is continuing research that is being done that has revealed that Vitamin E supplements are the cause of several life threatening diseases.

Even though my understanding of vitamin E supplements was that they provided me with antioxidants that helped to prevent premature aging, I heeded his warning. But of course, I also followed up with a bit of research on my own. And you know what? The Doc was right!

Two potentially life threatening illnesses associated with Vitamin E supplements that should not be ignored are: Prostate Cancer and Osteoporosis.

But since a lot of this information is the result of taking over the daily requirement, I believe that it’s safe to say that a visit to your doctor is in order to make sure that you are getting your daily requirement and no more. If it so happens that you can benefit from added vitamin E, he/she will be able to educate you on finding alternative ways of getting it into your diet (i.e. spinach, meat, nuts, nut oils, poultry, vegetable oils).

So from here on out, I will continue my daily vitamin regimen with everything on the list, minus the Vitamin E supplement!

*Sources: NY Daily News,, The Daily Beast and The Mayo Clinic

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