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The “Perfect Skin” Cocktail

Ok, so I believe that I am in good company when I say that I try to avoid shopping at all cost, unless I can do it on-line.

So just about two months ago, I ran out of my daily multi-vitamin, and asked my wife to pick up a new bottle whenever she had the chance.  I’m not quite sure where in the conversation my request was lost because she returned with 5 bottles!?!  She claimed she researched the best combination of vitamins for a man’s body to function at it’s best (I know, I know…how sweet!).

Now I know, who really wants to take five bottles of anything?…(well, maybe beer for a lot of you).  But based on research, there really isn’t one vitamin that is capable of satisfying what your body truly needs to function at its fullest potential.  So before you click off this topic on to another, hear me out!

I had absolutely no interest but, I gave a shot anyway.  In less than 2 weeks, not only did I rest better and feel better,  my skin looked clearer and smoother!

This is a “cocktail”, that is an absolute MUST TRY!!!

Especially if you are interested in feeling and looking healthier.  Hey, who said looking good was easy?  Give it a try, it worked for me!  Let me know how it worked for you.

The “Perfect Skin” Cocktail

  • Male Multiple by Solgar (3 times a day)

Remaining vitamins below will give your body that extra umph! (stick to the recipe, no extras…ok?)

  •  ***Vitamin E (1 a day – 400 I.U.) – for strong immunity, and healthy skin and eyes*** (no longer safe, ask your doctor before taking
  • CoQ10 (1 a day – 200 mg) – helps to boost energy and speed recovery from exercise 
  • Vitamin C (1 a day – 500 mg) – protection against immune system deficiencies and even skin wrinkling
  •  Mega Fish Oil EPA-DHA (1 a day) – boost heart health, control triglycerides, and lower blood pressure


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