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Ears…wax ’em! That’s right, wax. You’ll thank me later!

You know I couldn’t touch on the eyebrows (last post) without giving some advice on what to do with those pesky ear hairs.  My advice is to get them waxed.  I have found that ear hair grows a lot faster than the hair on your head, so a trim won’t last the whole time between barbershop or salon visits.

A few years ago I passed by a salon offering the service of ear waxing.  I was intrigued, so I inquired and learned about the procedure, then referred a few of my clients.  The next time my clients came in for a service I asked them how it went, and I found that surprisingly, it doesn’t hurt much at all and it lasts much longer than getting them trimmed.  Most salons that offer waxing services will handle your ears.  Nail salons, spas… a quick phone call or two should help you find someone in your area.  So there you have it!

But, I am aware of our current economic situation here in the US and abroad so I can understand how quickly a haircut, shave and an ear waxing service can add up.  So I found two great and fairly priced trimmers that can be used both on your ears and nose to prolong visits to the barber or “waxer”.  Here are two of my favorites.

Grooming Tools:

Panasonic Vacuum Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer – $22.72

Groom Mate Ear Hair Trimmer – $19.88

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