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Should I color my graying beard?

Gray Beard by Mr. HepeThe number one thing I ask my client’s to consider is how much time they are willing to dedicate to maintaining this regimen.  This is important because the hair on your face is a major focal point, and when colored, the new growth of your beard hair will always seem to grow faster.  This is especially true when compared to the hair on your head.

So here are my solutions…

(1)  You want to color your beard…make it a twice a week process, or whenever you see gray.  Concentrate the application on the gray (the root area), as reapplying to existing colored hair will make it darker.  Also, consider mild shampoos that are made for color treated hair.  Avoid harsh shampoos or bar soaps, these detergent rich soaps can strip your color and cause fading.

(2)  Wear it with pride…so you have a bit of gray growing in your beard, so what?  The distinguished gentleman look is in and many of my clients tell me that they get more attention from the ladies with a little gray.  So embrace the new you!  It works for George Clooney right?

(3)  Shave it off!  Ahh…the solution to any beard problem.  Why go through the hassle of trimming, shaping or even coloring?  A smooth and clean looking face will always work, wherever you are.

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  1. March 14, 2018 at 11:05 am

    However, if you are looking to still have a touch of gray in your beard, then this option isn t for you as it is a full dye that will completely color your entire beard.

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