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Face shape matters – The Triangular Face

As I stated previously in my first post – (Face shape matters – The Round Face)…

A large percentage of men have a square face shape, and it is coincidentally the most ideal and desired shape to work with.  (The square face is the male counterpart to the oval face shape for women.)  Therefore, when it comes to haircuts and beards, the goal is to square off the face, while taking into consideration any imperfections and how to camouflage them. 

Here’s what’s best for a triangular face:


  • Close to the scalp (i.e. buzz cuts)

  –  Keeps top of the head from being the focal point

  • Cropped Styles
  • Both recommended styles should stay away from hard lines that define the hairline

Facial Hair

  • Full Beards

        –  Trimmed or scruff (designed to take away from the pointed chin)

One of the many skills I have developed as a professional barber is the ability to determine the best grooming style to complement your face shape.  Unsure of what style would fit you?  I can help, email me[] or visit my Q&A page.

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