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New Hair Trends: Hairstyles with height… Will your face shape work?

More and more men are taking on hairstyles that were once very popular 20+ years ago… Styles that made a statement and also separated those who wore these styles from the pack. No I’m not talking about the styles that made the Mad Men TV show “that much” more popular.

I’m talking about the styles that never made it to the boardroom. You know, the Elvis Presley and James DeanPompadour and the Flat-top/High-top fade worn confidently by Kid ‘n Play and Big Daddy Kane. These styles are popping up everywhere and it has me and other barbers enjoying the nostalgia!

But the one decision that most men make when keeping up with hair trends, is choosing a hairstyle that does not work for them. The biggest problem, is not knowing what hairstyle fits your face.

These ‘new again’ hairstyles are pretty easy to figure out if they’re the right fit for you, because they all follow the same format of close sides with significant height on the top. So here are the face shapes that should avoid these style and why…


  • Oblong & Triangular – These face shapes are longer (from forehead to chin) than all other face shapes. So because these hairstyles add height to the face, this one should be avoided
  • Square – The Pompadour worn by James Dean or Elvis should work just fine. Just AVOID the option of a flat-top… well, unless you like to resemble Brock Lesnar.
  • Pear – Because the jaw on this face shape is slightly fuller than the rest of the face, the flat-top/high-top fade option should also be avoided. However, if cut properly, the Pompadour could be a win!

The other shapes – Oval, Round and Diamond should be “open season”, so have at it!


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