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Summer beard styles and how to get them!

Summer is in full effect!

Many of us have been working hard all winter and spring to be able to show off at the beach, and along with the shedding of a few pounds many of us also shed a bit of our facial hair. Hey, we all know how warm our faces can get when we have a few inches worth of fur on! So more often than not, we shed our facial fur for the warmer months… but we never forget to keep it stylish, right?

Here are the coolest facial hair options for this summer!


 More guys are taking it all off, minus the upper lip. For many it’s because they just can’t let go of all of their hair. And for others, it’s simply embracing the increasingly popular styles of the ’50s.

Here’s how you get it:

  • Start by cleanly shaving the cheeks, chin and neck.
  • The mustache hair should not extend more than one inch past the sides of the mouth.
  • Use trimmers to trim the hairs just above the top lip.

Low Beard

Hey, some people like the fan on high (no beard), while others enjoy a subtle cool breeze! And that’s exactly what a low-cut beard gives you. It’s just a little longer than beard scuff, but enough to shape and style while allowing you to stay cooler than with a full beard. Read my guide to face shapes to see if this look will suit you.

Here’s how you get it:

1. Fade the neckline

  • Use the lowest clipper setting on the bottom quarter inch of your neck to achieve the shortest length; adjust the clipper setting every quarter inch or so to achieve a smoother visual transition as you move up the neck.
  • Adjust the blade settings (with or without comb guards) to blend any lines.

2. For the cheeks

  • Choose the option of a razor to define to top part of the beard.
  • Consider using the natural growth as a guide to not go below for longer face shapes.
  • For rounder faces, outlining along the cheeks can help to give the appearance of a slimmer face, resulting in a more oval shape. However this should only be done if the neckline remains faded.

The Van Dyke

The go-to beard choice for all cool guys… Okay, so I’m a little biased but you can’t tell me that this style (if worn right) doesn’t look cool! Here’s a style that commands attention and is more often than not the first option men lean toward when deciding to lose the beard for the summer.

Here’s how you get it:

  • Shave the cheeks and neck, leaving the chin unshaven.
  • Cleanly shave directly below the nose, leaving a flat, thin line of hair approximately one quarter of an inch in width just above the upper lip.
  • Then, use mustache scissors or an electric trimmer to detail the moustache’s bottom line.
  • Next, establish a center-top for the chin hair by marking with a razor or trimmer approximately three-quarters to one full inch below the bottom lip.
  • Create a line that extends to the left and right jaw line using the establish mark as a guide.
  • Lastly, round the corners a quarter of an inch on both sides just past the corners of the mouth.

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