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The “Eat This”… “Not That” rules for healthier looking skin.

If you’re battling skin that’s not your definition of perfect, you can help rebuild it by making changes to the way you eat, and how you care for it. Since digestion and diet have a direct effect on skin behavior, target your daily diet first. Once you’ve identified the foods that are contributing to less than ideal skin, eliminate them.

Overall, everyone’s diet can use some tweaking. You may need to limit certain things while increasing others! Check out the list below to see where you fall in the grand scheme of things…


  • Raw vegetables & fruits – If your body can properly digest raw vegetables and fruits (you don’t experience stomach cramping or bowel problems), eat them with every meal.
  • Whole grains – they’re loaded with vitamin B which is crucial for proper cell division.
  • High-quality protein – meats like turkey and chicken should be included since they help produce collagen.
  • Flax Seed Oil – rich in Omega -3 fatty acid which is essential for healthy skin. It also helps prevent inflammation.


  • Dairy – milk & cheese are full of hormones and antibiotics that can cause breakouts.  Aged cheeses and goat’s and sheep’s milk are thought to produce less mucus than cow’s milk and soft cheese.
  • Coffee – keep the # of cups to a minimum since caffeine hinders cells from absorbing and holding water.
  • Sugar – Sweets can throw off the balance of the body causing unneeded inflammation.

*content from New Beauty Magazine

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