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Stop Pimples Naturally & Immediately

Ever had a pimple you wish you could pop, but it just wasn’t ready yet? Trust me, I have!

Not to mention, after the way I ate last week I am expecting to see some of those unwanted spots appearing on my face in the next few days… (but I don’t regret the Christmas cookies and desserts I enjoyed with my family!) and this will be a guarantee that my face will be on point when I am out celebrating New Year’s Eve on Thursday.

I know, I know, doctors say to never pop your pimples, but who wants to walk around with a bulging white zit on their face? I’m certainly not doing it! So my wife suggested that I rub a little tea tree oil on the area before bed, and it should be ready for the plucking in the morning. Reluctantly, I tried it…

And would you believe it worked!? In less than a 24 hours, it was ready to be popped. And the best part, it left no scar!  So of course I had to find out why this simple remedy worked so well…

Tea tree oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia plant, native to Austrialia. It is purported to have antiseptic properties and has been used traditionally to prevent and treat infections like – Athlete’s foot, dandruff and eczema. When applied on acne, tea tree oil helps the immune system to kill the bacteria and consequently reduce the inflammation.”

Although greater studies are still determining the effectiveness on all acne types, it certainly worked for me. So overall it’s not the end-all cure, but it’s certainly a great option!

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  1. George January 8, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    A study comparing 5% tea tree oil with 5% benzoyl peroxide found tea tree oil works equally well as benzoyl peroxide without causing excessive dryness, redness or skin flaking commonly associated with benzoyl peroxide products.

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