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barberchatPOSTHas a barber ever given you a bad haircut? What about a bad shave?  I know I’ve received a few.  So here are a few ways to make your haircut or shave experience better, so you won’t have to keep searching for a new barber!


  • “Just a trim” – is not a description of a haircut…sorry guys.  So unless your barber already knows how to cut your hair, give him/her a little more information to work with.  Do not be afraid to take a picture, barbers like myself, like to have a visual.  If you can’t find a picture, ask your barber for a comb or a brush so you can style your hair exactly the way you want your hairstyle to look.
  • “A quick cut” –  Generally, a good haircut takes more than 10 minutes.  So asking your barber to speed it up because you’re in a rush, may not be a good idea. Give your barber the opportunity to work their magic, he/she will appreciate you for that!
  • Appointment time – Hey it’s simple, being on-time for your appointment is purely respectful of your barber and their time.  This will guarantee a service that’s not rushed, for you, or for the person after you.
  • Critique – Tell your barber what you did or did not like about your last service.  If one side of your haircut looked better that the other, tell them.  If your skin was irritated after the shave, tell them.  If you loved your last service… you get the picture!

Let me know if this helps!  Barbers… your up next!

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