The Men's Room

Yes, I know it’s easier… but stop using her products!

It never fails, when I ask a client what type of products he’s using, whether it be a for the hair or face, the most common response is “Whatever my wife or girlfriend is using.

C’mon guys?!! I mean… hey, I dislike shopping just as much as the next guy, but using stuff from Bath & Body Works has got to stop!

The most important reason is that our skin is different.

For one, our oil glands are much smaller. Absorption of active ingredients in skin care products occurs primarily through these glands, and therefore a skincare product designed for men would be far more effective.

Also, because of the hormone testosterone, a man’s skin is generally oilier than a woman’s. This higher oil production in the skin means that a man’s skin is more susceptible to acne related problems. Therefore, a moisturizer designed specificallyfor a woman, could only create a greater problem for a man.

So pass on the Forever Sunshine body lotion, and get yourself something that works for you!

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