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Let me first say that within the category of ingrown hair solutions, I set the bar pretty high mainly because ingrown hair challenges can be very common and worst of all unsightly, uncomfortable, and just down right frustrating.

With that being said, I tried Bump Down – Razor Burn Relief by Barc and found that it was only somewhat effective in getting rid of ingrown hairs. I have grown accustomed to seeing much faster results from products in this category and Barc unfortunately missed the mark.

I was also surprised and quite unhappy with the painful “bite” (no pun intended) it delivered where applied, especially after a shave. So if your looking for an ingrown hair solution to assist you in addition to proper shaving techniques, my recommendation would have to be to try something else.

[xrr rating=2.50/5]

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  1. Delford May 22, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    What product(s) do you most recommend instead? Thanks!

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