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Can’t smell yourself?

The Smell TestHow many times have you been around someone that had no clue they weren’t smelling their freshest?  Certainly it can be annoying, especially if that person is clueless more often than not!

Believe it or not, it’s sometimes not their fault… completely. Because you simply can’t smell yourself.  Your nose gets so used to your own body’s smell that it learns to ignore it or just gets tired of it. There’s a good reason for this selective smelling: you encounter hundreds of different smells each day and if your nose was busy smelling your own body aroma it would be much harder for it to learn and distinguish new smells. So, your body tends to tune out the constant “background smells” (no matter how ripe they may be).

So how do you solve the problem?

1. Smell your clothes after removing them. Take a break first. Go and have a shower or watch TV, etc. Then collect the clothes and give them the sniff test, especially around the pit area and anywhere you sweat profusely. If you find an odor that is unpleasant, that might be an indicator that you have a body odor problem that is leaching into your clothing. Our own odor can be augmented by the materials we wear, with un-breathable synthetics being at the top of the list for enhancing bad odors. And stinky clothing always means that the clothes need a wash, now!

2. It’s what you eat. You might enjoy heaps of garlic, curry, onions, beer, spices, etc. but the residual odor can be very unpleasant to some people. If you think this might be a problem, make sure everyone you’re hanging around with at the time shares your meal choices and you’ll all find it harder to smell one another’s unpleasant odors! Temporary relief can be found in chewing parsley, mint candies, or swishing mouthwash.

3. Consistently clean. Wash you and your hair regularly. Build-up of products and grime in unwashed hair can cause it to smell.

4. Check the parts of your body that moisture loves. Anywhere there is a potential for skin folds (between toes, under the arms, etc.) can be a source of odor if bacteria gets the opportunity to thrive. Don’t try smelling any of these regions; that will just confirm you’re not thinking straight. The answer to avoiding this source of musty odor is to always dry skin fold areas thoroughly.

Sure, none of this is “rocket science” but even when think you’ve got it right you can always make improvement!

Here are a few deodorants that focus on fighting odor and keeping you dry.

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