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RazoRock Deodorant SprayBeing in someone’s personal space is just a part of being a barber. So making sure that my personal hygiene is at it’s best is an absolute MUST.

For many of us, the balance between being health conscious on what deodorants to choose, while also making sure that they don’t compete with our colognes  or ruin our clothes can sometimes be a challenge. So if you’re looking for a great alternative this deodorant spray may be the one!

RazoRock’s Deodorant Spray is a step in the right direction covering all above concerns – health, shirt stains and cologne competition. It’s fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and it contains no alcohol or aluminum chlorhydrate.  Mineral salts along with aloe vera create an odor fighting system that keeps you fresh for up to 24hrs. Sure, our body chemistry are all different but for me it worked! I even made sure to test it  at the gym.

So here’s a healthy deodorant option that actually does what it says. Get it!


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