The Men's Room

Yes, I know  I don’t wear a bald head, but I have friends that do! So I recruited 3 of them, to help me with this review.

Here’s the low-down…

All three were impressed with the design, since so much thought was placed into making this unit comfortable. However, when shaving along the back and the sides of the head their confidence faded a bit because they felt less control. Admittedly, a slight learning curve is required since the average guy uses a razor with a handle.


  • 3/3 guys impressed with the design
  • 2/3 guys got a close comfortable shave
  • 1/3 guys nicked himself (maybe a bit too close?)
  • 3/3 guys felt less comfortable going against the grain
  • 1/3 guys would use it again

[xrr rating=3.00/5]

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