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Irish Spring– most notably known for it’s powerful fresh scent and squeaky clean shower results has up’d the ante with the introduction of a body wash.  Thanks to Colgate, I was given an opportunity to try it out before it hit the stores this month.

My first impression is that it provided ample lather to get the job done (especially if you’re using April 2012’s POTM).

It’s fragrance is on par with what we’re used to getting from Irish Spring, so it’s an attractive scent. However, I can’t vouch for its “8 Hour Scent System” claim, since I always make sure to follow with a body lotion, deodorant and then cologne after a shower. Hey, as a barber I’m in a lot of people’s personal space, so realistically that test was a bit “too risky”! But for what it’s worth, I think it’s a neat concept!

The cleaning performance is consistent with it’s bar soaps- squeaky clean, but for some men, may leave their skin too dry. However, this body wash’s primary focus is fighting acne and blemishes with the ingredient Salicylic Acid, so it packs quite a punch!

Overall, it’s a pretty good body wash, especially with the price tag of $3.99 for 15 oz’s!

[xrr rating=4.25/5]

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