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Grooming answers everyone should know.

What is a man’s biggest hair mistake?

Men’s biggest hair mistake is wearing hairstyles that do not fit their faces. For example, the faux hawk was a popular style for a while, but many men with rounder faces should steer clear of this style. This is also why a goatee can look great on one man, but not another. Men need to know that haircuts and facial hair need to be complementary to their face shape; a good barber will know this, and guide you in the right direction. (See: Craig the Barber’s Guide to Face Shapes & Grooming)

When it comes to products, what are the bare essentials I need for my hair?

To keep your hair groomed, you need at least three products minimum: shampoo, conditioner, and one of four hair products: grooming cream, pomade, styling paste, or matted putty.

There you have it! Two important grooming questions that will get you on your way to looking and staying sharp!

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