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I think we have seen some signs that it is FINALLY getting warmer.  So, with this welcoming breath of warm air, comes a slight change in how we must care for our skin.

You see, as the temperature outside begins to increase, our bodies will also start to produce more natural oil.  In many cases, the over-production of our natural body oils can lead to acne.  So, to keep your skin well balanced, add an exfoliating product to the mix for the warmer months.

You know the benefits of exfoliating right? (See Post – Exfoliate?…Should I?)

In short, the exfoliation process gently removes dead skin cells to free up younger, and presumably healthier, layers of cells that are working their way to the surface. This helps with a smoother skin appearance; it’s a great way to fight acne and the scars that come from them.

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