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Another month has come and gone, but the one good thing I always seem to look forward to is the opportunity to review another great product!  This month I decided to stay with the theme of hair grooming, and found a great shampoo, conditioner and a daily hydrator all within the same line for your enjoyment.

So without further adieu…please welcome Frederick Benjamin grooming!

All three items are packed with 4 natural oils: Spearmint, Nettle, Clove  and Hemp Seed.  So, forget the coffee! The combination of these 4 oils, create a whirlwind of aromas that not only wake you up in the morning, but tingles just enough to feel like it is massaging your scalp! 

And yes, if these products are tingling your scalp…they are working!

Shampoo – Invigorating Cleanser– gentle cleansing agent, designed to exfoliate the scalp and unclog pores without stripping its moisture.  

Conditioner –  Invigorating Moisturizer – Relieves itching, flaking, and replenishes moisture to restore softness and elasticity.

Daily HydratorLeave-in Conditioner – Lightweight and oil-free.  Softens, shines, cools and refreshes!

I know, I am not the only one that likes for something to “feel” like it’s working.  I mean honestly, most men are just this way.  And, this is where Frederick Benjamin grooming, got it right!  It cleans, moisturizes, and you know it! 

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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