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Wavy Hair                  Curly Hair

I found  a few illustrations that gives a visual as to how the hair on your head and more importantly, how the hair in your beard grows.  Why?  Well, many men who suffer from irritation especially razor bumps and ingrown hairs typically fall in the beard growth category of “Wavy Hair” & “Curly Hair”.

The above illustrations, give the best example as to how the hair grows out of the skin.  Knowing this tid-bit of information, will help you understand the importance of choosing the right shaving equipment as well as why shaving against the grain is a “no-no” (for “you” that has these challenges of-course!).

As I have mentioned in a few other posts, shaving against the grain and using a multiple blade system (ie. 3, 4  blades, etc.) cut the hairs so close that they fall below the skin line.  And, as you can see by these images, your hairs can have a difficult time growing out of the skin.  So guys, when you are shaving or out shopping “know your beard”, and I promise you face will love you much more for it!

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