The Men's Room

Hey guys, ever notice that your hair looks great on your way out the door, only to notice that by lunch time, not so much?  Your hair has taken on a new look, it looks flat, or it’s just out of place.  Here’s your solution: fire your barber or hairstylist!  Just kidding, I’m sure they did a great job on your hair.  But sometimes we, as men, take shortcuts to styling our hair with inferior styling products.

If you wear your hair structured, perhaps with a part, try a pomade or styling wax.  Don’t like it looking “too shiny”?  No worries…use a matted styling product like Sumotech by Bumble and Bumble.  You can achieve the messy, textured or “finger-combed” look with these same suggestions, just to keep it simple.

Last but not least, for guys that wear their hair flat to begin with and want it to remain that way all day, pick up a grooming cream (see Product of the Month). It will keep your hair in place and your scalp moisturized.  Find a favorite and keep the top of your sink free of clutter, you girlfriend or wife will love the “extra” room!

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