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Photo by davewebster14Don’t you hate shopping for refills of you favorite razor blades?  It always seems that as soon as you’ve purchased a pack, you have to go out for more!  Well, times are hard, and we are ALL looking for ways to stretch our money; so, here are a few tips on how to make those blades last just a little longer.

  1. Keep them out of the shower  – Moisture and the changes in temperature can not only warp the blade, but they can also make the aloe strip less effective.
  2. Rinse – after each use, rinse thoroughly then pat-dry with a tissue or towel. The remains of shave cream can dull the blade.
  3. Store in oil– I have found  that storing your blades in a small amount of pre-shave oil helps to keep them sharp, thereby lengthening their lifespan!

Give these tips a try, and let me know how they work for you!

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