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I’ve had quite a few questions similar to this one in the past, and it seems to be an issue for many men out there.  So I decided to post this question in hopes of enlightening others, with permission of course…thanks Anthony!


Hey Craig,

I have a question for you.  So, my hair texture has changed and I’m not exactly sure why.  My hair/scalp seems to be a lot dryer now and the hair is straight.  It used to be wavy with a natural-oil texture.  Would you happen to know what may have caused this change, and what I can do to get it back to the way it used to be?  – Anthony Johnson II


Hello Anthony thanks for the email.  Well, unfortunately, as we get older the texture of our hair does change slightly over time.  However, there are a few things that may cause a more drastic change in hair texture and scalp conditions:

(1) Diet – the condition of your hair is a direct result of what you may or may not be eating.  Changes in diet, switching or ceasing to take your vitamins, and even starting a new prescription medicine can alter your hair condition.

(2) Controlled Air– whether AC in the summer months or heat in the winter, the increased use of either in your place of work or home can cause an increase in general skin dryness, and this definitely includes your scalp.

(3) Shampoos – certain shampoos on the market (usually the lesser priced products) tend to have more detergent content than others.  Be mindful of this when shopping – higher detergent content can lead to dryer scalp.

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but it is likely all these scenarios are happening simultaneously, which compounds the negative effects even more.  I hope this helps!

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  1. wildboy September 24, 2009 at 9:36 am

    wow this is a wonderful tool you have for us men as well as hair dressers, i have been wearing locks for about 4years and as a hair dresser, i know about the different shampoos and conditioners, but my hair also seems to be changing textures, it used to lock tight and firm but now i noticed that my natural curl has loosened a bit and is now taking longer for the new growth to tighten up like it used to.

  2. Cousin Jason October 6, 2009 at 10:57 am

    Hey Craig, I am noticing that just as my father’s hairline has diminished, I am getting that same area where I notice my hair is growing thinner and I can possibly bald in the future. Is there a great hair growing product? I know I hear about Rogaine, but is that the only product on the market and if so what do you think about it?

    • Craig the Barber October 6, 2009 at 11:31 am

      Hi Jason! Well, there can be many reasons as to why your hair could be thinning, genetics is one, but there is also stress and a lack of the right vitamins in your diet. Rogaine, Propecia, and Avacor all great products! But, they all come with side effects, so keep that in mind!

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