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The benefits of a little “more” shut eye!

Photo by joshunterWe all love sleep right?  And, we all work hard…right? For many of you, the only thing that can get you going in the morning is a strong cup of coffee!  But, we have to do better…including me! 

A good night’s sleep, is far too important for us to pass on.  Not only is feeling “well rested” one of the obvious reasons, there are plenty more! 

For one, it improves your memory – researchers believe that during sleep, neurons can shut down and repair damage done during the day (for example: heavy drinking during NFL Sundays…I’m just saying!).  A restful sleep is also an aid in reducing stress and weight control.

Now, since my posts are generally focused on grooming, here is another good reason to sleep more at night. 

Getting enough sleep will help your skin repair itself!  Adequate rest (up to 7 to 8 hours), is one way to allow the pituitary gland in your brain, to naturally produce a hormone that stimulates growth, and cell production called HGH (human growth hormone). 

In simpler terms… 

With the daily beating your skin receives, including skin damage done by UV light, getting enough deep sleep will help your skin repair itself.  Of course, we all know by now that healthy skin means looking younger, and more consistent stares from our admirers!

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