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equipmentHow many of you like to work out?  Yes, I know this is a blog about men’s grooming. But, for anyone who knows me, I take great pride in trying to stay healthy, from the foods I eat, to maintaining a consistent exercise habit.  So, I am going to show you how closely realted working out is to staying well groomed, and it has nothing to do with a six pack…promise!

The benefits to working out.

Better Sleep – There are countless studies that show that exercise improves your sleep.  In a previous post (The benefits of a little “more” shut eye!), I explained that sleep not only improves your memory, but it also helps your skin look healthier due to skin regeneration that happens as you sleep.

Stress Relief  – Exercise has been shown to reduce stress.  Stress as we know, is one reason for premature wrinkles and hair-loss.

Cleaner body – Sweating is not only designed to cool your body, but it rids your body of toxins that can build up and cause internal sickneses that show on the outside; for example: acne and weaker hair.

Self Confidence – There is no value that can be placed on self-confidence. Because when you feel good, it shows, and  that type of energy is attractive to everyone!

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