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Tonic Shampoo by Bumble and bumbleDo you have oily hair?  Well, within the past few weeks, I have received emails asking me how to solve this very problem (See Men’s Health Magazine questions).  Unfortunately, there can be many reasons for this symptom. One of the main culprits is overly active sebum/oil glands due to too frequent shampooing or aggressively scrubbing hair and scalp instead of washing gently. 

Hey, we all do something out of the ordinary when it comes to home remedies, but here is one remedy that works! 

Oily hair meet…   Tonic Shampoo by Bumble and bumble

A Tea Tree Oil shampoo that is muli-faceted! 

  • Tea Tree– is a natural antiseptic (eliminates the need to scalp-scrub!)
  • Peppermint – regulates oil production
  • Rosemary – stimulates the scalp (gotta love the tingle!)
  • Lemongrass – adds the shine

A shampoo designed for the men that do not suffer from dry scalp or dandruff…go figure!

At a price just over $20, it’ll help you keep those pillow covers longer!

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