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Schick Quattro Titanium TrimmerI’m going to get right to it on this post.  Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer.  Have you seen them in the shaving aisle?  They’ve been on the market for sometime now; however, I have always written them off as something that couldn’t possibly work (I know, I know…).  So the other day while on a cruise, there just so happened to be one in my welcome basket, and I decided to try it.  To my pleasant surprise, it worksand well! 

Now, Schick claims that it is good for body trimming as well as shaving and edging.  But, I found that the trimmer works best for daily maintenance of your hair (sideburns, etc.) not a full-on body trim.

Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer

It has three very specific functions: Shaves, Edges and Trims (ALL can be done while in the shower!!!) I personally haven’t seen daily maintenance made so easy. 

  1. 4 blades for a close shave (however, irritation prone beards…beware!)
  2. Single blade for edging (sideburns, moustaches, etc.)
  3. Trimmer – impressive power for a single AAA battery!  Also, comes with an adjustable guard for keeping those stray hairs in check!

What can I say…I’m impressed, especially with it’s price tag of about $12.  It won’t replace your plug-in clippers or trimmers, but they certainly will shave a few minutes off of your morning routine, not to mention being a great option for you road-warriors that jetset for business!

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