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Don’t be afraid of pre-shave oils!

Recently I’ve received a few emails asking “are pre-shave oils harmful to the skin”, and “do these oils create in-grown hairs by clogging the skin’s pores?”

The short answer is… No.

Pre-shave oils were designed with key concepts in mind-trap moisture, aid in lifting the hair and protect the skin from the blade. All of these work to enhance the shave by preventing irritations-one of which is ingrown hairs.  Over 90% of all commercial pre-shave oils contain natural essential oils like – Chamomile, Coconut, Lavender, Eucalyptus and even Olive oil to name a few. In fact Tea Tree and Lavender are two essential oils used to treat acne, so the question of clogged pores is truly a non issue!

With that in mind, unless your dermatologist advises against the use of these oils, I say oil and shave away!  The benefits definitely out-weigh the risks…

Happy Shaving!

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