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Getting the last out of summer?…Know your SPF!

Well summer is almost gone…sorry!  But, I know that many of you are trying to enjoy as much outdoor activity as possible before it begins to cool off.  So, not to be a total bearer of bad news, I decided to give a helping hand on how to enjoy the sun without getting cooked.

SPF Calculated

The SPF rating is calculated by comparing the amount of time needed to produce a sunburn on protected skin to the amount of time needed to cause a sunburn on unprotected skin.

Let us take for instance a fair-skinned person who would normally turn red after 10 minutes in the sun.  Ten minutes is their “initial burning time.”  If that person uses a sunscreen with SPF 2, it takes 20 minutes in the sun for that person’s skin to turn red.  Now, if that person uses a sunscreen with SPF 15, it multiplies the initial burning time by 15, so it takes 150 minutes, or 2 and a half hours, for that person’s skin to turn red.

Know your rays…choose wisely!

**UVB and UVA radiation are both harmful to human health. While “sunburn” and cancer risk are mainly provoked by UVB radiation, UVA radiation is responsible for skin ageing, negative impacts on the human immune system and is an important contributor to the risk of skin cancer.  Keep in mind, the “sun protection factor” only refers to protection against UVB radiation.

Here’s the remedy UVA & UVB protection –

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**For more info on SPF visit

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