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How To Shave Acne-Prone Skin

morning rituralLet’s face it (no pun intended!)… acne adds a problematic layer on top of many of life’s activities: family holiday photos, first dates, even shaving.

While scientists are still busy working on a complete cure there are several ways to help prevent future breakouts and navigate your shave through current ones. Trust me, even I have a difficult time shaving acne prone skin; however, these tips can certainly make for a better shave!

Shave Cream –

For the very sensitive and acne prone skin consider a non-comedogenic shave cream. Acne prone skin generally has larger pores so these types of shave creams focus on ingredients that do not clog the pores. Here are a few that work –

Exfoliate –

Consider the option of a fine grain exfoliant that will not only aid in new skin re-generation but also offers a great way to prep the beard for the shave.

The Shave – 

For guys who have excessive breakouts, the best solution is a pair of trimmers at least until most of the acne is under control. If a razor can be used, the two MOST IMPORTANT steps are 1. Overprepping & 2. Short stokes – 1 1/2″ overlapping stokes. This eliminates shaving the same area more that once and also forces the shaver to slow down. And don’t forget to moisturize afterwards; opting for a non-comedogenic moisturizer should be the go-to choice.

Give these tips a try and in no time you will join the many men who tout a comfortable shave experience!

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  1. Kodey July 31, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    I am acne prone and have a combination of dry and oily skin. I found that dry shaving worked best for me and my budget but what i have had an issue with are finding aftershave balms that wont break my face out. I usually use Seabreeze to clean up my face after shaving then follow with cetaphil lotion.

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