The Men's Room

Have you ever had to explain to your barber how you want your hair cut or where your skin is the most sensitive… more than once? I think we all have…

But as a barber, I want to tell you, the customer, that a little bit of  patience and understanding go a long way. You see, it’s not that your barber is forgetful; in fact, your barber will always go out of his/her way to make you feel important, because you are!  It’s just that sometimes seeing numerous clients over the course of several weeks causes the details of your haircut/skin to seem a little… blurry.

But don’t you fret, because “your specifics” will be etched in stone after your 2nd or 3rd visit. That is the average time it takes for a barber to be able to automatically recall a clients preference and skin tendencies, especially a barber that services customers with many different hair-types.

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