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This past weekend I had the opportunity to reach out to the city of San Francisco on my second tour stop with Lab Series Skincare for Men. These are events that I really enjoy doing simply because it gives me a chance to educate men on a one-on-one basis about their grooming regimen. What stood out more than ever on this trip was the fact that many men struggled with dry skin. Surprisingly, this issue remained consistent with men that were not only residents but also tourists.

So here’s the issue.

Improper prep or post shave practices can be a major reason for dry skin. Also, a dry face can be the reason for an uncomfortable shaving experience (ie. razor burn). So let’s cut to the chase, and say that properly moisturized skin will lead to a much better shaving experience, and without a doubt, healthier looking skin.

The process of shaving is actually an exfoliation that removes a layer of skin every time we shave, thereby potentially causing the skin to become very dry without the proper prepping. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, don’t worry, below you can find the specific items and steps to prevent this problem.

Here are the essentials…

    • Moisturizer – designed to increase water content in the skin and prevent water loss all while protecting skin from outside pollutants.
    • Pre-Shave Oil – designed to trap moisture on to the skin, raise the beards hair and protect the skin from the blade. (See post: Don’t be afraid of pre-shave oils!)
    • Shave Cream – designed to infuse moisture onto the skin all while creating a cushion between the blade and the skin.
    • After-Shave Balm – designed to quicken the healing process of the skin to prepare the face for it’s next shave.

So check the list above and get one of each. Trust me, your face will appreciate it, and so will you!


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  1. Radio Matty September 22, 2011 at 4:04 am

    Using moisturizer after shaving goes a long way in helping to heal your face and making your next shave easier. And don’t forget your neck! If you use a razor on it, use moisturizer on it afterwards!

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