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To buff or not to buff…

You know, whenever you do something that goes outside the scope of your buddies list of acceptable grooming habits, you’ll always catch flack for it. Unfortunately, a manicure can be one of those habits that finds itself on that list more often than not.

A tell-tale sign that you get manicures is buffed fingernails. If you’re a guy that plays by his own rules and is not afraid of a little jarring from his friends, go for it. The bottom line is whether you buff or not, you’re taking the time to care for your hands.

Besides, buffed fingernails have been popular for over 30+ years. And, sure this style won’t fit everyone or every occasion for that matter. But it most definitely will fit YOU if you want it to.

So go ahead, shine them up! Trust me, you won’t hear many ladies complaining…


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