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Fellas let’s just cut to the chase.

Yes, we can all agree that the word manicure doesn’t sound very masculine, but we cannot deny that there are more advantages than disadvantages to getting one…


  • Improves the health and texture of your hands and fingernails
  • Hand massage helps to improve the health of the skin by increasing blood circulation, and is also a great stress reliever
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – Ladies love a well groomed man, and well manicured nails confirm your attention to detail!

Oh, and a quick fact!

The word “manicure” is derived from the Latin word manus for “hand,” and cura for “care“.

[ Hand-care. ]

So, if you approach the process with a clearer understanding of it’s definition and its benefits, then you will never question whether it’s an important part of your grooming regimen ever again!

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