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Treat Dry Hands In One Simple Step

Your hands are a part of your first impression. Think about it… ever shaken hands with a guy and noticed that they looked like he was playing in flour just moments before? Or thought about how they felt like sandpaper? Sure, I may be exaggerating a bit but you get the picture. All of a sudden his hands didn’t look all that welcoming anymore. Well, if you were put off, imagine how a woman would feel? 

Hey, don’t get me wrong, we’ve all fallen victim at some point, especially when the cooler months start to roll in. In fact, we are at a disadvantage during fall and winter because our hands lack sebaceous glands, aka the glands which lubricate hair and skin. So the oils necessary to keep hands from cracking and drying? We don’t even have them on our hands to begin with. Add in dry weather and your hands need extra help to stay moisturized, no questions asked!

But, when there’s a solution, there is no excuse! 

It’s simple. Moisturize early and often. A quick fix is to have a small tube of hand cream in your desk at work, your jacket, and or your car. That way, wherever you are, you’re covered! Sure it’s an extra step… But it sure beats being remembered as the guy with the “ashy” hands! Here are a few suggestions for the best winter hand cream for men:


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