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The Cool Fix by ShaveworksBy now, you’ve probably read my posts on products that help to eliminate irritating ingrown hairs and razor bumps (See Product of the Month link).  And, since one of my responsibilities as a barber is to make sure that you, my reader, not only gets a close and comfortable shave, but an irritation free one as well, I’ve found yet another new prescription!

The Cool Fix by Shaveworks

Why I like it?…

  1. It tackles four shaving woes – ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and redness
  2. Filled with exfoliating agents that slough off dead skin, leaving the area clearer
  3. Boerhavia Root Extract – what?!? no worries…ingredient that helps to calm and soothe redness on contact
  4. Unisex– it’s formulated not only for you, but  for her as well.  Go ahead you can share!

Moderately priced @ $25 a bottle.  Don’t worry…unless she decides to use it as body lotion, it will last you at least 6 months!

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