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Barber-Approved Products You Can Share With Her

Anyone who shares a bathroom with a woman knows the struggle…you end up with limited space for your products and the majority of the budget seems to go to her products. What’s a guy to do?

I am often asked this question by readers and clients and there is one simple solution: share! Okay, I don’t recommend you share all products but yes, there are grooming products that work well for both men and women. 

So since the explanation for a “man only” moisturizer has been taken care of (see post: Yes I know it’s easier… But stop using her products!), let me help you with the items that “share well” with the opposite sex.

Face washes, shampoos/conditioners, hair styling products, shaving creamspretty much everything else!

And you know, it didn’t take long for me to figure out a product line that makes all of these items well, and for both men and women – AVEDA.

Yes, of course there are many other companies. But personally, I’ve recognized a great consistency in the performance of Aveda’s products for both genders, so go ahead and share… she won’t mind!

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