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So Gillette, has launched a video campaign that shows you how and why to shave certain body parts.  The head, chest, back, armpits and…the groin area?!? This is a big leap for a “corporate” shaving company (the groin video that is).  But, research has shown that more and more women want men to shave um…down there!

All the videos are very well done.  While the intention of the campaign works for most men, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend changing from your 2 or 3-blade to their 5-blade. If it works without irritating the skin, why change it? Use what you are comfortable with. Only you know how your skin reacts to your shaving regimen. One of my shaving absolutes is that not all men can shave their faces or bodies with a 5-blade razor, main reason being: shaving irritation.  Although you can try the Gillette Fusion, you must keep in mind that once you start shaving this close, you cannot stop without noticing, in most cases, irritation such as razor bumps.  Therefore my professional recommendation is to use this razor only if you have straight to slightly wavy hair.

 I am very interested to see how well this campaign will do.  As far as the internet is concerned…it is pretty newsworthy.  Here’s the very entertaining  “groin video”, let me know what you think!

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