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Barbers, have you ever been confused about the type of haircut your client was asking for? So have I. What about trying to figure out how close may be too close for a shave?  Trust me, I have had all of the same feelings.  So this is what I do to not only make myself feel at ease, but my client as well.


  • Ask and ask again – Do you remember being taught in school how to ask a question so you can get more from that person?  That’s right, a leading question! Never be embarrassed to ask questions, and when you are still confused, give your client the comb or the brush to show you.  The main advantage is a more satisfied customer, not to mention the added benefit of always remembering his haircut.  Sounds like a win-win to me!
  • Be available –  There’s nothing more frustrating for a client than wanting a service but being unable to  find you. So make your days and hours known and understood. Going on vacation? That’s fine, we all need a break, just make sure to give your clients several weeks notice so they can make arrangements for booking their services ahead of time.
  • “Walk and chew” – Remember you have clients either waiting or on their way, so learn how to have a conversation while cutting your client’s hair.  Trust me, as much as they like you, their time is just as precious as yours.
  • Honesty –  Hey, we’re all trying our best to make ends meet, but a buck goes farther if you are completely honest with your clients.  So, if you are unable to perform a service based on what your client is asking for…tell them.  He/she may get upset, but it won’t compare to the frustration and anger you’ll induce if you perform the service with poor results!


I hope these tips help give both parties a better experience at the barbershop. Cheers!

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