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Guys, could your beard use a little help? Maybe a neater look, or perhaps the skin underneath could use a bit of attention?

Here are a few quick tips from a  Men’s Health Magazine article I was recently featured in.  Take a look, these tips just may do the trick!

Know your face…

Consider the chin – The longer your face, the shorter your chin hair should be.  Otherwise the beard will exaggerate your features.

Chisel your face or for a more casual approach…

Fade it out – You can just trace your jawline and shave below it.  But for a more casual look, create a fade. Use the shortest clipper setting on the bottom quarter inch of your beard; go a bit longer every quarter inch up your neck. Adjust the blade settings to blend any lines.

For the skin underneath…

Clean regularlyEach time you shower, shampoo your beard and rub in a dime-size dollop of moisturizing conditioner. Rinse after 10 seconds. Without conditioner, shampoo can dry your face and overstimulate oil glands.

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