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The Naked Truth About A Failed Dream

Around this time of the year it has become the norm for me to put together some sort of holiday themed suggestion list of grooming ideas and items. However, this year I have decided to go “against-the-grain” and offer something that I personally cannot put a price-tag on.

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine- Mark Herro (you may know him more as Mantic59), asked if I’d be interested in sharing the story on his blog- on how my shave cream finally came to be well, real. As many of you may know it was a pretty tough road to get to this point of now having my first shave cream. Nevertheless, what started as a fairly easy article to write ended up being one of the most transparent life stories I have ever shared publicly. It’s a story about me failing and then finding the ability to move on.

Sure, this may not be what you’d prefer to read on TMR during this holiday season. However, I am confident that if this story touches at least one person, I know that it will make this this time of year even more special. It certainly has for me!


A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

What stops someone from pursuing a dream? Is it the fear of failure, or perhaps the fear of success? Self-doubt, that’s a good one.  How about finances? The list is honestly endless, but, I’d argue that if you can’t get past fear and self-doubt, all… Read full article here! (

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