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Yea, That Was “My Bad”!

sad-facepostOk, let me get these two words off of my chest. I’m sorry!

I’m sure some of you are probably thinking, “sorry for what Craig?”. Well, I’m apologizing for not holding up my end of the bargain to remain consistent with the content on this site. I started this blog 8 years ago in an effort to educate my clientele as well as the public on grooming with specific knowledge of what I experienced from the barber chair. It was fun from the start-up, especially as I began to recognize the positive impact I was making with you as my TMR family and in the men’s grooming industry.

At the time, I was writing 3 articles a week, working full-time at a barbershop, managing a small on-location clientele and traveling around the country as a spokesperson for Lab Series Skincare for Men. I “managed” all of this for 5+ years without missing a beat (kind of), while somehow also maintaining a relationship with my wife!

When my son, Isaac, was born, his presence challenged me to be more present for him and my wife. Realistically, it was no longer about me but us as a family. Six years into running, I began tapering off my writing and clearly left many of you with unmet needs (yes, I read the emails). So again, my sincere apology.

This year, my goal is to be intentional in reshaping to be a more solid destination for readers. The changes will happen over time and will cover several design elements but, most importantly, the content will remain empowering, consistent (working on schedule) and easy to find. With that said, I truly hope you stay on this ride with me because I really enjoy the company!

By the way, have you read about this failed dream that I had? See here.

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  1. Bryant Rains January 5, 2017 at 6:03 am

    GOOD FOR YOU, CRAIG!!! You realize that your family is your first priority, responsibility and commitment! I salute you for that. There should be more men like you…keep up the good work, and thanks for posting this blog!

    • Craig the Barber January 5, 2017 at 2:43 pm

      Bryant, thank you so much for your kind words I absolutely appreciate them! Helping to leave this world in a better place than when I arrived is truly important to me; and it 100% starts with leading and loving my family. Bryant, your support is always appreciated and thank you again!

  2. Merle January 13, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    My friend , never a worry. Your help and advice has been and always will be truly appreciated and well used! Many thanks to you! Bless you and your family as of course they come first. Hey , that Norelco Trimmer is going Thanks – A – Million buddy!!!


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