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TwinLuxe is known for their high-end approach to design both inside and outside of their jars, so obviously their Smooth Shave Cream was one that I was eager to try out. The concept behind this shave cream is to offer a luxurious barbershop style shave at home but with less hassle.

The “less hassle” part comes into play with a super rich shave cream that is designed to create a moist shaving surface without the need to wet the face. And because this cream is much heavier than other lotion-based shave creams, the ideal shaving tool is a straight-razor due to potential clogging.

So here are my thoughts…

The creamy texture along with it’s fragrance is very inviting, and the fact that it comes in a hefty size tub ensures it will last quite some time since a little goes a long way. It is recommended to be used on a dry face and for me in particular, I felt it didn’t yield as close or as comfortable a shave as I am used to. However, when using this same cream under more traditional shaving conditions (on a wet face), it performed MUCH better! I mention this because although the cream is designed to be used dry, you may find that you can still effectively use it while shaving wet and you won’t be out the money you’ve invested.

As a lotion-based shave cream used in the traditional shaving manner, this is a competitor!

[xrr rating=4/5]


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  1. Laura Anies November 2, 2012 at 2:57 am

    Not only women but also men need to use face cream to protect their facial skin from a lot of factors such as UV rays, wind, alternating temperatures and so on.

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