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There are a lot of guys that enjoy shaving with pre-shave oils, and I’m one of them! It’s a great option for adding an extra barrier of protection, and greater glide to their shaving regimen.

So it’s no surprise that I’ve noticed an increase in men opting for this shaving practice. But what I find interesting is that many are using just the oil to shave. On first thought it’s not a bad choice… it’s designed to trap moisture, protect the skin and it’s much easier for detailing the beard or mustache.

But with this growing trend, I am noticing that a lot of guys are starting to complain about drier skin on their chins and cheeks. After a little probing I’ve discovered that many are using the pre-shave oil as more of a 3-in-1 product– satisfying the shave, the after-shave and the moisturizer. Hey, can’t blame anyone for trying to speed up their shaving routine!

However, the reason for the dryness is simple.

The oil only traps the moisture that is already on the skin. And since it only offers such a thin layer of protection, it cannot keep the surface moist enough throughout the shave like a shave cream can. So, since shaving removes a layer of skin every-time, the skin will be dry unless you follow with an aftershave balm and a moisturizer. Sorry guys!

So by-all-means, if the pre-shave oil is your “go to” shaving option, just make sure that your face is as wet as possible and moist to the touch before adding the oil, then follow with the proper post-shaving steps and you’re set!


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  1. Robert March 19, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    Hi Craig!

    Remember: Not all shave oils are created equal – that may also account for some of the irritation being reported…

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