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You know, “As Seen on TV” products can be an honest to goodness “toss-up”. But in the case of the EverBlade, it wasn’t too far of a stretch!

The EverBlade system is constructed with a plastic frame that allows for the complete razor handle and blades to be housed comfortably for convenient storage. The blades themselves rest on top of a copper plate where all the “magic” seems to happen. The copper plate acts as a mild energy field just strong enough to repel microscopic debris from the thin edge of a razor – thereby leaving the blade sharper longer.

Sure I was skeptical, but I tried several blades, including a disposable 10ct. razor pack, and to be quite honest it works! I can honestly say that I’ve been able to use the same disposable razor (Gillette Custom Plus) for the past three weeks, with fairly close-shave results (every two days). The only drawback is that it’s most effective if the blade has a day to rest. So the daily shaver may not see the optimum sharpening potential.

But for $20, getting even an extra 5-10 close and comfortable shaves is worth it, to your face and your pocket!

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