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MANGROOMER’s Private Body Shaver, comes equipped with a trimmer blade, a foil head and a 5-setting adjustable comb guard attachment. Two added bonuses, is the rechargeable feature and it’s wet/dry cutting ability. The “very delicate” adjustable comb guard is one of the highlights to the versatility of this shaver; however, this shaver does better without it. So with that being said, the body shaver fits the guy that want’s whatever he’s trimming to come off, completely.

For best results: Stick with the dry surface option and then start with the trimmer blade to cut the bulk off. Follow with the foil head to get it extra close. But be careful, because some areas may be more difficult to maneuver around than others.

If body trimming is what you’re looking for, consider traditional trimmers w/comb guards. But if “taking it all off” is your focus, then this is a considerable option.

[xrr rating=3.25/5]

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