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scentbirdpostThe easiest gift someone could ever give me is a bottle of great smelling cologne! Well, one from my ever growing list… But regardless, my closest friends and family all know this and all gift giving occasions are happy ones! I mean, who doesn’t like to smell good, and be complimented about it?

So, of course when I heard about Scentbird– a subscription based cologne/perfume company, I had to give it a try!

It’s a pretty straight forward system that I’m absolutely enjoying as a result of my cologne *cough, habit.

Here the deal:caseup

Choose from 150+ colognes (or 450+ perfumes). Receive a 30-day supply, monthly! All for $14.95 a month. Free shipping. Cancel any time. It’s delivered in a really cool re-usable (big plus!) case. Perfect for travel especially if you’ve collected multiple bottles. Simply pop in the one you want and drop it in your travel bag!

Hey, for me to get my cologne fix monthly for the price of an average lunchtime meal? I’m sold!

That said. I may need to start looking into other gift options. Hmm…

[xrr rating=5/5]

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