The Men's Room

Well, the women have spoken and they’ve gotten most of us trimming or waxing our chests and backs.  But I’ve been reading the emails, and they’re not done with their requests… They want you to do something about the unruly hair on your arms, legs and um… feet!

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger! I come in peace and with advice…

For all three areas, waxing or laser removal is a simple option. But, what if you don’t plan on entering a swim meet anytime soon, or you don’t like the look of being completely hairless? Well then, let me suggest a simple pair of adjustable clippers w/comb guards, for your arms and legs. Trimming  the hair in the direction it grows, removes significant bulk and allows for a smoother appearance.

For your feet,  simple depilatory (like Nair), should do the trick. Apply to the hairy parts, (toes, ankles…), then follow the directions, and please remove when recommended… trust me!

So there you have it, the women have spoken, and I’ve offered a simple low-maintenance solution.

Now, let’s get back to the game!

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